Harrison Smith

Harrison Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Harrison is the founder and currently the CEO of KripTech, he is the lead programmer with industry experience in the public sector as a Consultant. His main role is to ensure growth of the businesses and to ensure all of KripTech's customers have a seamless experience conducting business with us. 

William Gibson

Chief Financial Officer

William had his formative years learning within a booming start-up. Throughout this period of his life he learnt valuable knowledge around the workings of the business and how to approach financial matters for a growing company.

Desmond Chai

Chief Visionary Officer

Desmond has got his foot in the door of the business world, a keen ear for science, and most importantly, he has got his eyes on the prize.

Nicholas Csongvay

Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas uses his extensive career in hospitality and business to allow us to function on day-to-day basis with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness for offerings we provide customers at KripTech.

Leo dick headshot

Leo Dick

Chief Logistics Officer

James akil headshot

James Akil

Chief Sales Officer

Zak jacobson headshot

Zak Jacobson

Chief of Staff

Triparna das headshot

Triparna Das

Managing Director

Alexander McGill

Creative Director

Oliver Holt

Chief Engineer

Katherine Moffat

Lead Software Engineer